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Singing Styles:

Musical, opera, operetta, pop, R'n'B, jazz, blues, rock


dance styles: 

Classical ballet (pointe shoes), hip-hop, modern, jazz, tap dance

 Studies / education 

2014 - 2018

"MUK - Music and Arts  University of the City of Vienna", Study:  Musical entertainment theatre/ musical, Degree: Bachelor of Arts


"Paritätische Prüfungskommission der Bühnengewerkschaft Wien": diploma examination for acting, Degree: State Diploma

2014 – (still running)

"University of Vienna", Master study: Theatre-, Film- and Mediatheory

2011 - 2014

"University of Vienna", Study: theatre,- film- and mediascience, Degree: Bachelor of Arts


Internship: assistant director/dramaturgy at the "Schule des Theaters", Vienna

2013 - 2014

"Drama School Krauss", Vienna :  State  Acting training with annual certificate

2012 - 2013

"Schule des Theaters", Vienna: private acting training


"Duborg-Skolen Flensburg", Degree: Abitur


Shaw Academy, Studies: Photography and Video, Degree: Diploma)



"World Championships of Performing Arts - WCOPA" VIrtual  (Hollywood. LA)  Finalist and awards (medals):

Gold - ActinG

Silver - Singing

Bronze - modeling



Final rounds at the "MUT - competition for musical Entertainment theatre", Gärtnerplatztheater  Munich



1st place at the "Walter Jurmann Singing and Interpretation Competition", Vienna


A 2013

Assistant Director/Dramaturge in the "Schule des Theaters" (6 months)


D 2009

Internship at the "Musikschule Flensburg" (2 weeks)


BG 2007

Internship at the National Theater "Ivan Vazov", Theater "Balgarska Armia", Theater "Salza i Smiah", Theater and Film Academy "NATFIZ" in Sofia (Bulgaria) (2 weeks)



Online 2023

"Adobe MAX" The Creativity Conference - Workshops 


DK 2023

"CVT 5-Day Course" (incl. concert), complete vocal Institute Copenhagen

DK 2023

singer songwriter workshop "New Song Circle" (CPH Listening Room)


Online 2022

"Adobe MAX" The creativity Conference - workshops


AT 2022

"Bob Fosse" - (dance) workshop with Alex Frei

USA 2022

"" (online)

Singing with Christina Aguilera

Acting (Stage & Screen) with Helen Mirren


D 2020

"DREHÜBUNG WIEN" workshop with Dominik Stegmann

Scene analysis (movie)

D 2019

Masterclass "Vocal Coaching for professionals" - A WAY OF SINGING

Edward Hoepelman, Ivar Costenoble, Ingrid Zeegers and Katrien Verheijden

D 2018

"Uptempo Musical Academy" -

Concert at the Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

(Coaches include: Pia Douwes, Edward Hoepelmann, Stefan huber,

Hardy Rudolz)

Special skills 

Piano (basic knowledge), writing lyrics, composition, stage fighting, fencing, contact improvisation, dance lessons for young people, dramaturgy, screenplay, drawing, storyboard, photography and video


German, Bulgarian, Danish (fluent)


English (very good)

Current engagement

AT 2023

School of Rock (German speaking premiere)

Director: Matthias Davids

Landestheater Linz

Role: 1. Cast Rosalie Mullins

last Engagements


DK 2023

Miss Saigon (Musicalproduktion von Sir Cameron Mackintosh)

Director: Lisa Kent

Det Ny Teater

Role: 1. Cast Ellen  



DK 2022


Director: Lisa Kent

Det Ny Teater

Role: 1. Cast Ulla



AT 2021-2022

Miss Saigon (Musicalproduktion von Sir Cameron Mackintosh)

Raimundtheater Wien (VBW)

Role: Ellen  ( 1. Cover/Understudy)

D 2021

DRACULA - The MUsical  

Director: Alex Balga

Theatre: Theater Ulm (open-air theater Wilhelmsburg)

Role: Mina (1st cast)


D 2019-2020



Theatre: Stage Palladium Theater Stuttgart

Production: Stage Entertainment

Role: Susan / Ensemble

D 2018-2019

ANASTASIA - The Musical

Director: Carline Brouwer

Theatre: Stage Palladium Theater Stuttgart

Production: Stage Entertainment

Role: Cover Anja (Anastasia) / Cross-Swing

Reviews about the "SCHOOL OF ROCK"/"Dracula" / "The Producers"  musical productions:

under the heading - References


Reviews About "I can See your voice", 2021, Season 2, Episode 5

Performance (Alexandra-Yoana, Ballerina)


"She was the best one so far!"

(quote from Thomas Hermanns)


"My goodness! You can sing, and how!"

(quote from Daniel Hartwich)


"Maybe you are the most talented person that has ever been seen on RTL!"

(quote from Daniel Hartwich)


"Made our ears happy for a moment...!" 

(quote from Daniel Hartwich)  


"That was one of the best voices we've ever had here!"

(quote from Thomas Hermann)

​(Translated from German)


review about "Anastasia-The Musical":

"The main actress Anja was played that evening by Alexandra Alexandrova. She was able to embody the former orphan girl who is developing into a courageous and emancipated woman in an excellent way. With great acting skills and an amazing voice, she completely won me. The songs 'Once upon a December' and 'journey to the past' touched me very much and also the duet with  Dimitri. 'in a crowd of thousands' was beautiful. For me it made absolutely no difference to the first cast and I was extremely enthusiastic."

- Julia blessing, February 12, 2019 ("Dream after... musical & more")

(Translated from German)

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